Silabus Materi Phonegap Mobile Applications Development (Phonegap Trainer)

HERY PURNAMA. 081-223344-506 (Phonegap Trainer)

Silabus Phonegap Training
Durasi 4 hari (24 Jam)

Deskripsi Pengertian Phonegap
Phonegap merupakan sebuah framework open source yang digunakan untuk pengembangan aplikasi hybrid dalam konteks mobile untuk membuat aplikasi mobile dengan berbagai banyak platform seperti Android, Blackberry, iOS, dan Windows Phone menggunakan bahasa format HTML5 & CSS3 serta bahasa pemrograman Javascript.

PhoneGap Overview
Installing PhoneGap
Creating a new project
Using the command line
Installing API plugins
Movement and Location – Using the Accelerometer
and Geolocation Sensors
Detecting device movement using the accelerometer
Adjusting the accelerometer sensor update interval
Updating a display object position through accelerometer events
Obtaining device geolocation sensor information
Adjusting the geolocation sensor update interval
Retrieving map data through geolocation coordinates
Creating a visual compass to show the device direction
Filesystems, Storage, and Local Databases
Saving a file in the device storage
Opening a local file from the device storage
Displaying the contents of a directory
Creating a local SQLite database
Uploading a file on a remote server
Caching content using the local storage API
Working with Audio, Images, and Video
Capturing audio using the device audio recording application
Recording audio within your application
Playing audio files from the local filesystem or over HTTP
Capturing a video using the device video recording application
Loading a photograph from the device camera roll/library
Applying an effect to an image using canvas
Playing a remote video
Working with Your Contacts List
Listing all available contacts
Displaying the contact information for a specific individual
Creating and saving a new contact
Hooking into Native Events
Pausing your application
Resuming your application
Displaying the status of the device battery levels
Displaying network connection status
Creating a custom submenu
User Interface Development
Creating a jQuery Mobile layout
Persisting data between jQuery Mobile pages
Using jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller
Extending PhoneGap with Plugins
Extending your Cordova Android application with a native plugin
Development Tools and Testing
Downloading Cordova
Using Adobe Dreamweaver to develop Cordova applications
Using the PhoneGap Build service

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Phonegap Mobile Apps Development

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